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Tampa Garbage Disposal Installation & Repair

Did you know that up to 20% of household waste is comprised of food scraps?

Installing a garbage disposal reduces the amount of food waste in the trash, helps control unpleasant odors around your kitchen, makes trash less attractive to bugs and rodents, and moves food scraps to a waste water treatment facility reducing the amount of waste in landfills.  Food scraps buried in a land fill break down and create greenhouse gasses such as methane to be released into the atmosphere.

Tampa Plumbing - Garbage Disposal Repair & Installation

The proper use of a garbage disposal effectively causes broken down food scraps to be treated as a liquid waste, and uses underground sewers and waste water treatment facilities for its processing.  Modern waste water facilities are designed to process organic solids into fertilizer products and harness the methane during the breakdown process for energy production.

Choosing a Garbage Disposal – Tampa Plumbing

There are many differences between garbage disposal brands and models.  To achieve the most benefits possible from a new disposal, it is important that you are well informed and purchase the correct model for your intended day to day uses.

The type of sink you have may play a role in your choice.  Inexpensive stainless-steel sinks might not provide enough support for a heavier, high-powered model.  An overpowered disposal may cause the counter tops and cabinets to rattle causing undue stress on their structure.

Noise levels during operation are another consideration.  Basic disposal models operate with a significant amount of noise.  Newer, high end models operate much quieter due to sound-deadening features.  For example, the shell of a disposal may contain an insulating layer to reduce noise.

Homes with several family members usually require at least a 3/4-horsepower garbage disposal. Higher horsepower models will handle a larger volume of food waste more efficiently translating into quicker cleanup time, and will reduce the likelihood of jamming and clogged drains.

For lasting performance, look for a model that features a stainless steel grind chamber and components. Stainless steel components are less subject to corrosion and provide greater durability.

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